SaaS makes it so simple to adopt to a product, but also leaves the door open for your paying customers to walk away fairly quickly.  Customer Success folks are usually frontlining a lot of this before shit hits the fan. Here’s four things I do to stay on top of my game.

source link follow 24option demo account Shout out Product Features and Feedback

source site Buy a megaphone and shout the feedback and feature requests you get in your conversation with customers to the rest of the team frequently. You are frontlining invaluable conversations with customer experiencing your product and have the best pulse of a) what needs fixing b) what feature to built next and c) between a & b, what’s more important? You’ve got the best understanding of your product’s market fit.

opzioni binarie tocca non tocca Be very Proactive

Customer Success by definition a very proactive job to do. Keep a close tab on what your users are doing and reach out to them before they face a problem. Check in with them frequently to check how everything’s going. Doing this you’ve potentially avoided a irate support ticket, or saved a churning customer. Being just the right amount of proactive customer success guy is never annoying and almost always appreciated/tweeted about.

source link Follow through on your emails

You’ll have the busiest inbox in the company, buzzing every minute about a new signup or a customer telling you they’re not considering your service anymore. Be quick, kind and responsive in your replies. Following through emails from weeks and months ago wilI help you keep tabs on longer sales cycles, write that winback email when you have a feature someone was looking for and just get things done on a day to day basis. I personally use ActiveInbox for Gmail and Intercom for automated emails. Keep your success stories handy

Its one thing to send marketing fluff and whitepapers and a completely different thing to narrate a success story from “another customer” to get new customers or make existing customers adopt to the product(or features). Choose your stories, improve on them over time and use them in your conversations with customers. Every interaction is an opportunity to delight your customer.

Got a few tricks up your sleeve? Let me know in the comments or here.