Better late than never, I figured.

I had a great, indoor & quiet; drinks and dinner with a few close friends to call 2015 good. 2015 was good to me: Dated after a while in Jan, a nice vacation in Himachal in May to get over those dates, worked with Google in July, changed career paths in October, Found great friends November, and had a rather calm December – just like I like it!

For 2016,

  1. Be Calm and Kind.
  2. Make Friends.
  3. Career growth.
  4. Read, 50 books.
  5. Visit to Silicon Valley.
  6. Give dating another shot.
  7. Get much more leaner.
  8. Love yourself. Learn to be alone and independent.
  9. Bicycle, buy and train often.

Happy New Year, You Guys!