It was just recently that CleverTap started supporting Emojis. “Piece of cake, not a big deal at all! Standard Unicode blah blah and back to work”, I repeated in my head twice before actually going back to work. About a week later, this morning I read this MailChimp annual report. There’s a very few brands I’ve been an honest fan of, MailChimp is one of them.

What’s common? This. Internet is majorly obsessed with Emojis than I initially thought.

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 8.16.49 AM

Source: MailChimp

Emojis are a major obsessions from my conversations with customers, they love ’em! Over all the data science going on behind the internet scene today, what users end up loving is a world standard unicode rendition of  a yellow twat smiley face..or even better.. a shit emoji. Why on earth??! I wondered. Than I saw this genius graphic. Total graphic-gasm.


Source: MailChimp . Sizes show popularity and the lines show combinations.

What I think?

  1. It’s a little too soon to tell if it really affects end conversion for brands using emojis in marketing communication but emojis are definitely stringing a cord with users. If you have a millennial or below target audience, no reason not to have emojis in your marketing calendar next year.
  2. Emojis are louder than words. Of course, with screen real estates going smaller and smaller – getting emotions across is important – it all makes sense.
  3. In reference to the graph – very visible, categorical split, people don’t combine emojis across categories. Faces go with Faces. Cake with burgers. Roses with sunflowers. Moon with well.. other moon faces. For instance, rarely would one do a Wine Glass and Loudly Crying Facecombination. I know right? Its very counter to many drunks I know with alcohol fueled hobbies.
  4. Heroes emerge, use them and your users will most probably relate to them.Smiling Face With SunglassesBlack Heart SuitBlack Sun With RaysWine GlassWrapped PresentThumbs Up SignSmiling Face With Heart-Shaped EyesAirplane – A combination of these? Even better!
  5. I believe with Mobile having such strong penetration in the last 3 years, Emojis will grow to become more relevant in personalised push notifications, inapp notifications and in building app experiences over just email subject lines. After all, every push notification gets attention, can you dare say the same about emails? 🙂

Until next time. Apple's Pile of Poo

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