In my last blog, I talked about mobile marketing strategy & how mobile marketing has fundamentally evolved to become very different from web. With marketing, comes remarketing! It’s very important to capture a user’s lifecycle journey in order to deliver communication and ads precisely to increase ROI.

How remarketing is done:

Remarketing today is solely based on the page or a number of pages/sections a person “views”. A “view” is when a user opens a page long enough to trigger the JS and drop a cookie on your browser. Do this for enough users and you’ll end up with a pool of cookies/pages user visits which can then be pushed into a DMP/DSP/RTB and pump costly ads everywhere else on the internet. A visual for case in point.

Web Remarketing

Remarketing has been dependant on pure pageviews; that’s a problem. Page views are becoming increasing less actionable with users having frequent/easier access to internet the initial few phases of the customer lifecycle (Need, Research, Select) have smudged boundaries. User’s visit your website to check out your product/service pages, check out your collection, discount price on the product or just casually surfing the internet. While on the other hand, user actions (adding to cart, putting in their credit card, social sharing and so on) are completely lost in the picture. What marketers miss is, that page views is not an intent when remarketing to the customers which ends up increasing cost/conversion.

I visited these apps/websits as an experiment to record Page Views and performed no intent to buy/purchase whatsoever only to be served an Ad. I live in a furnished house. (Went to website) I don’t own a car. (went to website) nor am I hungry. (downloaded app).

Mobile Remarketing Ads

How remarketing should be done:

We established User Action/Intent >>> Pageviews/any arbitrary metric AND is a very costly. Capturing User intent is key over page views which will reduce the overall remarketing bucket but deliver relevant communication and Ads to only people who’ve shown solid intent; reducing  overall cost/conversion. Tools like CleverTap allow you to do precisely that by engaging users at right touch points during their customer lifecycles and allowing you to remarket and react to a bucket of people based on actions they perform on your web and/or app.

Remarketing Adandoned cart

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