I was a naughty child in school, tired of my attitude, my professor sat me down after yet another nuisance I admit I was a part of, to tell me an analogy of life with the ‘pointy end of a pencil’. I had no idea this 2 min rhetoric will go on to change how I look at life today.

“This is not going to end well if you keep this attitude towards life. What’s the one thing you want, Jay? One thing in life?”

“Not much. I want to be rich and happy.”

“Jay, see this pencil? You sharpen it everyday to keep it pointy throughout its life. If you sharpen it while it’s new, chances are it will keep going when it’s old. Same analogy is true for life. If you work hard during the first half of your life and chances are good you will enjoy the second. If you don’t, well, there’s no point.







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