Great trek with @ku1deep, @helloanand@rrkhanna and Nasir. Total ~19kms to and fro. Started with a little too heavy breakfast at @ku1deep’s and a monster lunch at Horseland in matheran. It’s arguable we go on treks to hog good food.



Thumbs up. Discussing branding by Thumbs up.


Xiomi Mi Fit app on iPhone 6. Close to 19kms and 26K steps that day. Followed by a solid hibernation day today.IMG_2063

Stuff I recommend:

I bought Nike’s Pro Combat Compressions (top and bottom) this week on @helloanand‘s recommendation, keeps you cool at all time. Can’t go wrong buying this one.

Tried out Xiomi Mi Fit Band – Pretty well fitting fitness band which tracks steps, calories burnt, sleep REM’s and it’s got an alarm! Works for me, give it a shot! Buy Now!