I’m T+30 days away from turning twenty four today, it only hit me this morning. I tweeted to make a joke about how to know when you’re 24? The love for drinking goes up and hangovers start to hurrrttt.

I want to mention a few somethings today; Really just a few thoughts of wisdom from when I was 23. My friends tell me, I’ve matured far too fast for my own good. Well, its never late to leave yourself a message from when you were immature.

#1 – Always work hard.

Remember those long nights at University when you hit send on the ~163rd job application? You learnt something very important, always work hard & never give up. By the time this decade is over, life is going to be a ride and you’ve got to work hard to deserve everything you desire.  If things get bad, do not give up, for you always have to fight through bad times to get what you want. By 24 everyone goes through that one now or never situation, keep at it. Don’t give up.

#2 – Your dream job

You took your dream job this year, Jay. Remember telling mum “this is it.” the morning someone called you to interview for it? You knew that was it after you walked out of that small interview room. I think everyone gets a chance to really define what their career is going to be by the time they turn 24, that one opportunity which can change your life for good if you’re dedicated enough. I took it, don’t miss your chance.

#3 – Travel

You love traveling, so much so you went to England with just a little under 300 pounds in the bank and the desire to see the world. Before 24 everyone takes that one study, leisure, work, soul searching vacation to see how you handle it. Travel, even after you’re 24 because you learn a lot about yourself living & travelling alone, more than you can in any classroom or meeting room. I want to go to the Silicon Valley this year, where are you planning to go?

#4 – Love.

It’s been a rather rough road haha!, and I know you’d smile reading this years from now. Jay, I hope this is the year you find what you’ve been looking for all these years. It’s not much come to think of it, you need companionship and a little funny in your life right now. By 24 everyone desires to have a partner in their life, its only natural when all your school friends are tying knots and updating Facebook left, right and centre. For those with partners, it’s about to go from not so serious, funny dates to really serious ones with ring shopping involved and for those who don’t, don’t come under the social media pressure, good luck!

#5 – Stay healthy.

As much as you hate it, your metabolism has dropped at a significant rate in the past year. Spend your weekend running a few miles or climbing a mountain or anything you love to do which makes you move more than 2 limbs at a time. 24 years is when you really can start living a lot healthier and keep that tummy tucked!

Much Love,

Jay, 23 years 11 months young.