Last time I checked, acquisition, especially on mobile was very costly. The amount of marketing dollars spent on driving those download followed by sending a bunch of notifications (because, why not??) luring users with offers with a hope they will convert and having a perfect epiphany after looking at a career-ending uninstalls report at the end of it all.  Most Marketers/Product Managers are so busy pumping the acquisition numbers, most often than not, they forget (read: ignore) attrition as a problem altogether or at-least do not foresee a glitch in the launch plan.  Most are web marketers turned mobile.

Protip: Get out Web from your headspace when looking at Mobile. Its poles apart.

Since CleverTap came up with Uninstall tracking, I’ve had almost all of them ask me the only question.

Why do people uninstall my App?

A lot of things can cause an uninstall, right from memory space limitations to an initial bad  UX/Onboarding experience, and mostly it’s never in your control after they’ve downloaded your app. What’s in your control however is how you communicate to a user while you can to make them want to stick around.

It’s two very fundamental things that can cause an Uninstall

  1. Too many Notifications
  2. Irrelevant Notifications

Guess which one is rather easy to not do? #1, of-course. Habits die hard but one can always give up spamming to tune down Uninstalls.

What’s difficult is #2, to be relevant, which makes it not easy to do out of the box. Only  will help be relevant, personal and in the mobile moment of a user.